About the channel

Hello! I’m Julie! What am I passionate about? Human rights, issues to do with incarceration and re-entry, antipsychiatry, income inequity, power inequity, and natural healing. I dream of a world where no one has to be burdened with a label, or socially othered because of it. I hope that someday all of us will have full rights as human beings. We are all worthy.

I am a blogger who has found my medium in video! My formal training is as a writer, but I have also studied music education and composition. I have been professionally trained in stand-up comedy and am an accomplished public speaker. I love open mics and any opportunity to perform. What I love the most about video is the ability to perform my writing, and to speak out publicly about issues that matter to me most. My main goal is to help others, to enlighten by sharing bits and pieces of current events with my own experience mixed in.

You can find my channel on YouTube!

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As always, have a wacky day!